Learn what it is like to work in Definiens and be a part of unlocking the tissue phenome to improve patient lives.

Definiens offers exceptional career opportunities in a variety of occupational fields. We are constantly looking for highly skilled and motivated individuals with experience in image analysis, life sciences, digital pathology, tissue diagnostics, and software development.

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Our Values

Definiens provides a stimulating and challenging working environment based on peer interaction and open communication. With a highly international employee base, there is a lot of creativity and sharing of ideas from many backgrounds.

Improving Life

We never forget that behind every tissue and every slide, there is a patient with a story. The next chapter in that story is dependent on the clinician trying to diagnose her/him or the scientist developing a drug therapy. The next chapter in that story is dependent on us and what we do to advance healthcare.

A Pioneering Spirit

For those who passionately pursue their vision of what could be, we stand with you. It is not just in the dreaming, it is in the doing that one becomes a pioneer. From Marie Curie to Bill Gates, we believe it is thought leadership that drives us forward in our quest.

Open Communication and Debate

Good ideas are made better by discussion, and healthy debate hones our plans. When things are going well, we celebrate a job well done. When there is a problem, we do not hesitate to speak up so a solution can be found. We value every voice, so we can collaborate, communicate, and connect to work as a team.

Commitment to Results

As a business, we are not only committed to our customers, we are committed to each other and results. This means that when we make a decision, we commit to it and we hold each other accountable for results. The best team members lead by example, take ownership of issues and take initiative so that both the team and the company can succeed.


We earn the trust our customers with integrity in all our relationships and with products and services that consistently perform. We earn the trust of colleagues by listening to new and different ideas, having honest discussions, and doing the right thing. We believe that when trust exists, you can accomplish so much more.

Walking in the Customer's Shoes

Focusing on the customer is key to our success and we put it at the center of our thinking. It isn’t just the employees that interact with the customer every day; whether you are in development, finance, or administration, every decision you make filters to the customer in some way. Our goal is to delight the customer everyday with quality, precision and speed.

What Definiens Employees Say

  • Having worked for Definiens since 2006, I have enjoyed the team culture which relies on commitment and leading edge expertise in the field of imaging. I have been able to challenge myself at Definiens, by working with both Definiens team members and our thought leading customers. It is exciting to be a part of improving medicine and innovating breakthroughs that have an impact on patient care. — Thomas Colarusso
    VP Business Development
    Definiens Inc.
  • The two main reasons that I work for Definiens are purpose and people. It is highly motivating to work for a company that is on a mission to fight cancer, and at the same time it is great to work together with inspiring, open and engaged people on a day-to-day basis. — Kai Hartmann
    VP Product Development
    Definiens AG
  • Definiens offers a creative environment, in which new ideas are allowed to flourish to become essential ingredients for patient diagnosis and therapy. Like mountaineering in the nearby Alps, the scientific research work at Definiens can be quite challenging, but with our highly motivated and excellent team the most ambitious goals are achievable. — Günter Schmidt
    VP Research
    Definiens AG

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