Developer XD

Develop your own unique image analysis solution.


Definiens Developer XD is a powerful and flexible development environment designed to create automated image analysis solutions.

It delivers quantitative and consistent data for any type of image (e.g., IHC, ISH, IF images in different formats). Developer XD is unmatched in helping you address even the most challenging segmentation and classification tasks to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying biology. Easily integrated with your existing Tissue Studio® installation, Developer XD provides even more comprehensive image analysis for the power user.


Custom Rule Sets

For the experienced image analysis user, Developer XD offers a large library of image analysis algorithms, and the ability to add your own algorithms, for whole slide images and tissue microarrays (TMAs). By connecting these algorithms in Developer XD’s integrated development environment, you create your own unique image analysis rule sets.

Productivity Gains

An interactive development process facilitates rapid prototyping. For example, any new line of code will result in direct visual feedback concerning the actual state of extracted or classified image objects.

Improved Science

By leveraging various options for the export of readouts and statistics on different levels and formats, Developer XD can improve the scientific value of your research projects.


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Scale the number of concurrent users for maximum efficiency

A Tissue Studio User license enables the configuration of new image analysis workflows in Tissue Studio. You can easily scale the number of Tissue Studio user licenses up or down to flexibly meet fluctuations in demand.

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Increase your processing power to quickly analyze large numbers of images or perform complex analysis.

The Tissue Studio Engine provides a processing environment for the batch execution of image analysis jobs. Adding Tissue Studio Engines to your Definiens installation increases your analysis throughput for large numbers of slides.

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Easily integrate data mining with image analysis.

Definiens Image Miner® integrates data mining with image analysis to accelerate research and development. By linking individual data points to the original images or image objects, Image Miner allows a seamless workflow.

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