The new standard for immuno-oncology programs

Redefine the “one CDx – one treatment” paradigm

Using the Definiens’ IO-Panel services you benefit from a combination of seven biomarkers into one core panel that can be customized to meet your program’s needs. The IO-Panel services accelerate and provide consistency to your IO-stratification across your pipeline. 

The IO-Panel is designed with your regulatory and market access requirements to ensure seamless delivery into the market when the time comes.

Apply a harmonized baseline set of actionable biomarkers from translational research through early & late stage clinical

Add spatial and functional information of the immune-landscape to gain unique insights.

Combine immune-profiling data from various programs to accelerate clinical decisions.

Identify multi-predictive biomarkers

With Definiens IO-Panel you can generate high-value signatures based on the combination of multiple biomarkers that monitor the multiple interactions between cancer and immune cells. Establishing standard measures across your programs and combining IHC data with relevant multi-omics biomarkers leading to Biological Insights that support the development of your CDx.

Standardize your view on the tumor-microenvironment

Exploring the tumor-microenvironment (TME) means understanding the cellular spatial interactions and their role in the regional environment. The IO-Panel provides the pivotal link between IHC-biomarkers and high resolution spatial tissue information and thus opens a new dimension for understanding the TME. The combination of biomarkers and their spatial information creates new possibilities for the development of immune descriptive and predictive biomarkers.

Yield actionable distinct immune-profiles

Distinct immune-profiles support the optimization of personalized immunotherapies as well as patient stratification for umbrella trials. You can compare profiles across different trial programs and increase the ability to identify disease targets – or rational combo therapies – for your drug pipeline.

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