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Your ally in making powerful diagnostics

Definiens solutions process thousands of patient tissue slides every day and deliver the precision, reproducibility and efficiency needed from effective diagnostics. Improve the results, speed and diagnostic value of an existing test or develop a new one altogether. As the leading provider of tissue-based quantitative assay solutions in clinical practice, Definiens is your ally today to create and implement the diagnostics of tomorrow.

Stand out.

Powerful diagnostics deliver certainty from objective, precise and reproducible answers. Merge histopathological markers, spatial parameters and cellular features in an automated assay with predictive and prognostic algorithms that makes patients stand out.

Enable results.

Definiens enables diagnostics that reveal the unseen and transform the subjective into objective. Patterns and correlations of quantified tissue architecture and cell interactions provide a new toolbox to assess patients, disease and treatment outcomes.

Build on strength.

Whatever your approach, whichever your platform, our scientists and regulatory team partner with you to create an integrated solution that builds on your strengths, and offers the scalability and ease of use to maximize your impact.


Commercialize your standalone or companion diagnostic

Our solutions are standardized and fully validated, allowing flexibility to be commercialized as a lab developed test or an IVD kit. Our scientific teams support with the design and validation of a targeted tissue assay and coupled analysis solution. Our regulatory and business team help you navigate go-to-market strategies. Successfully launch your standalone or companion diagnostic with:

  • A carefully designed development, regulatory and launch strategy
  • Scientific advice from board-certified pathologists and Tissue Phenomics experts
  • Complete documentation for a straightforward submission to authorities

Your team, our experts. Shoulder to shoulder.

Developing a diagnostic that individualizes treatment strategies requires knowledge. Knowledge to assemble the right biomarkers and construct powerful analysis solutions. As your partner, we stand by you with expertise and integrated solutions that drive innovation with Tissue Phenomics through our VeriTrovaTM platform to make every contribution count.

Stand out with an innovative, conclusive diagnostic and the right partner to transform patient care.

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