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With Definiens, there are no limits to the image analysis questions you can ask and no barriers to transferring results and tools from research into the clinic. Our proven technology has empowered thousands of projects, yielding results that accelerated drug development and produced hundreds of publications. Plus, we are there at every step and customers rate our support with an outstanding 98% satisfaction.

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Use Definiens solutions to capture the biology that matters. Our software quantifies spatial and cellular relations, visualizes clinically relevant patterns, and mines big data so you can uncover novel biomarker signatures.

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Technology should enable you, not slow you down. Easily configure automatic workflows to quantify assays and process datasets – large or small, simple or complex – and get your work done faster than ever before.

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Advance every step of your work with Definiens solutions. Multiple assay types and modalities, flexible scalability and processing speed, powerful add-ons and custom application development allow our software to fit any need.

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Tissue Studio®

Our core product resolves relations among cells and their populations by quantifying morphology and expression profiles within the context of tissue architecture. Designed for the busy research lab, Tissue Studio is a complete solution, flexible, scalable and intuitive. Anyone – novice or expert – can adjust settings and parameters to create detailed image analyses.

  • Access single and multiplexed IHC, IF and ISH assays for any tissue, scanner or image type
  • Build and tailor the right image analysis in just few minutes; Tissue Studio guides you
  • Leverage scalable parallel processing for high performance even with multiple concurrent users

Developer XD

Challenging research questions demand exceptional tools to translate ideas into practical solutions. This need inspired the design of Developer XD, a robust development environment to create automated image analysis solutions. Cutting-edge algorithms, tools to develop novel approaches and an interactive workspace to visualize results enable rapid prototyping. 

  • Assemble your solution for any biomedical image from a library of image processing tools
  • Immediately evaluate your analysis with visual feedback on extracted or classified image objects
  • Quantify relations and morphology at any level: regions, populations, cell and cell components

Image Miner®

Linking individual data points to original images and objects, our data mining solution transforms analyzed images into answers. Interactive data exploration facilitates case review and quality control of performed analyses. Powerful statistical mining methods uncover correlations and patterns to support development and validation of tissue-based biomarkers.

  • Visualize results with automated plotting, outlier identification and gating of data subsets
  • Quantify tumor heterogeneity in biomarker expression on a cell-by-cell basis
  • Train and verify classifiers for predictive modeling that save time and money

Our services

Owning Definiens solutions also means having expert support to maximize their value. We offer tailored, onsite trainings at all proficiency levels for our software solutions. We work with you to develop plugins that expand the utility of your existing software infrastructure, as well as complete image analysis solutions that operate in any IT environment.

  • Establish image and data analysis as a strategic asset of your R&D program
  • Customize your existing setup with easy plug & play image analysis modules
  • Enhance your assay with a custom built image analysis solution for your research needs

Tumor microenvironment revealed

Data-driven differentiation of tumor core and margin regions

Data-driven differentiation of tumor core and margin regions

Tissue Studio offers several options (e.g., vessels, membrane detection, ISH) to characterize the tumor microenvironment in brightfield or IF slides. Here, lymphocytes are classified (yellow: CD4; red: CD8; cyan: CD4+CD8) and quantified to measure region-specific immune response.

More information from IF multiplexing

Advanced analysis of multiple biomarkers

Advanced analysis of multiple biomarkers

Multiplexed analysis of IF whole slides with up to 12 markers opens new possibilities to learn more from marker co-localization. Nuclei and quantified expression of markers are detected in labeled cells and cell compartment (analyzed in Tissue Studio).

High-quality and precise spot detection

Flexible ISH quantification with exact localization

​Flexible ISH quantification with exact localization

Precise ISH detection in single or dual stain using flexible chromogens in brightfield or IF enables exact localization and quantification of spots in different cell compartments (analyzed in Tissue Studio).

Unlimited potential for image analysis

Powerful scripting tool to assemble novel IA solutions

​Powerful scripting tool to assemble novel IA solutions

Dedicated image analysis solutions to meet any research need can be easily constructed by combining state-of-the-art algorithms in a workspace that provides immediate result feedback (analyzed in Developer XD).


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