International Symposium

May 13 - May 15, 2013

4th International Definiens Symposium - Boston 2013

The Symposium opened with two days of plenary lectures at the Joseph B Martin Conference Center on the Harvard Medical School Campus. Topics focused on advancing drug development and the future of digital pathology and image analysis.
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Jun 14 - Jun 16, 2012

3rd International Definiens Symposium - Munich 2012

The Symposium opened with a day of workshops at the Definiens headquarters in Munich. Two days of plenary lectures at the nearby Ernst & Young auditorium covered a wide variety of aspects in biomedical image and data analysis.
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Oct 17 - Oct 18, 2011

2nd International Definiens Symposium - Tampa 2011

24 presentations and 9 posters provided a comprehensive overview of image analysis solutions in biopharma and academia. A focus on tissue-based biomarker development emphasized the leading role of Definiens image analysis solutions in this interesting field and outlined exciting opportunities for the discovery of new predictive and diagnostic tests.
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Oct 7 - Oct 8, 2010

1st International Definiens Symposium - Madrid 2010

19 stimulating talks presented by speakers from industrial and academic backgrounds demonstrated the variety and value of image analysis with Definiens. The fields of application discussed during the presentations reflected the full bandwidth of translational research, ranging from high-content assays to tissue-based applications to small animal imaging and human radiology.
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