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Tissue-based profiling for confident decisions in immuno-oncology

EVENT DATE: Sep 12, 2018
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EVENT SPEAKERS: Dr. Florian Leiß, Director, Profiling & Dx, Definiens, Dr. Moritz Widmaier, Solution Manager, Profiling, Definiens


This webcast highlights the benefits of standardizing tissue profiling for decision making in drug development and trial designs in immuno-oncology.

Key topics include:

  • Challenges in comparing results across different clinical studies that result from inconsistent biomarker strategies are discussed
  • A harmonized tissue profiling strategy is introduced as a promising solution and platform trials are considered as an emerging paradigm in immuno-oncology
  • Participants will understand if and how the standardized IO profiling solution from Definiens will help them to achieve their objectives
  • They will learn about best practices in tissue-based immune profiling that can be transferred to situations that cannot be covered with a standardized offering


A standardized panel of IHC biomarkers (PD-L1, CD68, CD3, CD8, PD-L1, FoxP3, Granzyme B) is consistently analysed using automated image analysis from chromogenic multiplex assays available at Mosaic Laboratories. Cell densities and spatial relationships between different immune cells are automatically analysed to assign individual cases into one of six pre-defined immune categories (covering the range from immune deserted over immune excluded to highly inflamed tumors) by Definiens. A web-based portal to interactively review results is introduced. Novel approaches to aggregate information across cohorts without losing potentially predictive information on spatial relationships are discussed.

Standardizing tissue profiling in immuno-oncology is critical as combination treatments are going to be important in the future. This will increase the need to look at multiple biomarkers that are relevant across different treatment options. As tissue is scarce, multiplexing will be important. Image analysis is required to capture the information from IHC multiplexes. A harmonized way of tissue profiling is critical for platform trials and wherever results from studies should be compared directly as inconsistencies in biomarkers used make direct comparisons very challenging.

About the speakers

Florian Leiß heads Definiens’ business for tissue profiling and diagnostics. Dr. Leiß has previously covered roles in business development, corporate strategy, product management and marketing, and marketing communications. He studied Biochemistry (Technical University of Munich) and holds PhDs in Neuroscience (Max Planck Institute for Neuroscience, Munich) and Philosophy (Ludwigs-Maximilians-University, Munich).

Moritz Widmaier leads the solution development for screening and profiling devices. Dr. Widmaier has previously worked in the datafication and bioinformatics teams as a senior consultant. He studied Biochemistry (Technical University of Munich) and holds a PhD in Biochemistry (Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Munich).