Online Webinars

Multiplex IHC Immuno-Oncology Panel

EVENT DATE: Nov 21, 2017
EVENT SPEAKERS: Dr. Svenja Lippok, Product Marketing Manager, Definiens AG

Characterization of the immune status of patients becomes increasingly important to personalize cancer treatments. The required extraction of information and biological insights from tissue slides remains challenging because of the broad heterogeneity of tumor and immune cells embedded in the complex tumor microenvironment. Thus, the analysis requires expert insights as well as standardized methods.

We developed a standardized multiplex immunohistochemistry (mIHC) assay (IO panel) to profile the immune status of patient tumors into biologically meaningful and clinically actionable categories. 

In this webinar, we show:

  • how we study the functional interaction between the immune system and the individual cancer using next generation image mining and data analysis software for real time analysis of huge multiplexed data sets
  • that this approach enables the spatial analysis and aggregation of multiplexed information in heterogeneous tissue 

The statistical analysis and evaluation combined with interactive data visualization and reporting is expected to support better patient stratification towards different immunotherapies or their combinations. The integration of genomic (e.g. mutational load) data is supported as well as the integration of any other -omics data.