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Tissue Collection Standards Determine the Future of Precision Medicine

EVENT DATE: Oct 18, 2016
EVENT SPEAKERS: Prof. Dr. med Hartmut Juhl, Founder and CEO of Indivumed GmbH and IndivuTest GmbH

As most compounds target specific cancer pathways, identification of pathways and their potential role as drivers for cancer growths in the individual tumor has become an attractive approach for prediction of drug response. Mutation analysis of cancer relevant genes has become the most widely used approach because DNA is a robust molecule and barely affected by preanalytical factors. However, the predictive value of DNA mutation analysis is limited by the fact that it does not reflect complex interaction of gene function and related protein interaction. Comprehensive analysis of target expression and key proteins of cancer pathways as well as their modifications (e.g., phosphorylation) can provide a much more detailed (and more predictive) picture of the individual tumor biology. For reliable analysis and quantification of protein expression and Tissue Phenomics®, it needs tissues that have been collected under highly standardized conditions as studies from Indivumed have demonstrated. Therefore, Indivumed has established within the past 14 years a unique global clinical infrastructure with leading cancer clinics addressing these scientific challenges for preclinical research, clinical trials and subsequently patient care using precision medicine.