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Definiens to showcase 5 successful immuno-oncology studies at SITC 2018

Munich – November 06, 2018

Definiens, the Tissue Phenomics™ company, today announced that data from five immuno-oncology (IO) studies will be presented at the 2018 SITC Annual Meeting held November 7-10 in Washington, D.C., USA.

Every year, the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) welcomes researchers and expert clinicians for scientific exchange, education, and networking in the cancer immunotherapy field. Definiens will be at SITC Booth #310 showcasing the power of integrating Tissue Phenomics™ with complementary technology to deliver a robust analysis of the tumor microenvironment using a multi-omics approach. Special guest Dr. Bernard Fox of the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute will present his findings of a unique collaborative project between NanoString and Definiens technologies.

“Mesothelioma remains an incurable cancer and little is known of its immunobiology. So, we are excited to be part of this project that uses the novel combination of Definiens IO Panel and high-plex GeoMx™ Digital Spatial Profiler. In this way, we have the opportunity to apply complementary technologies to find predictive markers for patient survival and new therapeutic targets for mesothelioma,” said Dr. Bernard A. Fox, Harder Family Chair for Cancer Research, Robert W. Franz Cancer Center, Earle A. Chiles Research Institute.

 The five scientific posters highlight the latest research in immunotherapy. In addition to Dr. Fox’s presentation (listed first below), Definiens’ topics include:

  1. A novel combination of two multiplex spatial analyses, the Definiens IO-Panel and NanoString GeoMx DSP, demonstrates the power to use high-plex spatial analysis to provide new insights into the treatment of mesothelioma.
  2. The deep learning based system for PD-L1 TC scoring provides results that enable the retrospective stratification of durvalumab-treated NSCLC patients into predictive groups.
  3. Whole-slide image analysis of multispectral immunofluorescence (IF) images, fully automated to identify immune profiles that can be used to construct spatial biomarker-expression patterns in non-small cell lung cancer microenvironment.
  4. Image analysis of needle biopsy simulation on tumor specimen shows the sampling-dependent heterogeneity of CD8+ infiltration and PD-L1+ cells, and that the reproducibility of a whole section score by a single biopsy depends on the tumor and position of the needle placement.
  5. Quantitative analysis of IHC images and gene expression of tumor samples from patients treated with MEDI0562, a humanized OX40 agonist monoclonal antibody (mAb), confirms its dual mode of action, and that the presence of high levels of OX40 at the baseline may help identify patients or indications where MEDI0562 could provide clinical benefit.

“These results demonstrate the power of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based image analysis to get a deeper understanding of the immune biology in the entire tumor microenvironment,” said Professor Ralf Huss, Chief Medical Officer at Definiens. “Applying Tissue Phenomics™ shows great promise for stratifying patients based on their unique immune status in large and small tissue specimens and combined with available omics information.”

More information on the posters and their presentations at SITC:

About Definiens

Founded in 1994 by Nobel Laureate Dr. Gerd Binnig, Definiens is now a leading tissue image analysis and data mining provider in the life science sector. As a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based image analysis, Definiens leverages the rich content and context in the tumor microenvironment of the patient’s tissue to find biomarker signatures for robust patient stratification. This helps pave the way for personalized immunotherapy.  

Definiens is a member of the AstraZeneca group and a trusted global partner for researchers in biotechnology, including MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca. Additional clients include renowned biopharmaceuticals and prestigious academics, who have collectively published over 1,000 scientific papers using Definiens’ products and services. 

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