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Reduce your time to biological insights

The Definiens Insights Portal puts you in control of your data and provides full transparency throughout the course of your projects. This web-based, interactive platform gives you 24/7 access to your Insights Services projects (including the IO-Panel) and is the portal to your team of interdisciplinary experts at Definiens. 

The Insights Portal provides you the ability to visually explore the tumor immune microenvironment at the completion of your project. Secure online access also enables safe and private collaboration with your global team.

Biomarker Visualization

  • Visualize and compare the density of various biomarkers 
  • Assess biomarker presence where it’s important – within the tumor or its vicinity
  • Generate custom heatmaps to highlight spatial distributions of selected biomarkers

Data Analysis and Exploration

  • Tailored plots that match your hypothesis—box, chart, matrix, t-SNE plots, and many more
  • Click on a plotted data point to open the respective input image
  • Extrapolate insights from computer generated scores—developed and plotted based on project specification

Cohort Analysis

  • Review integrated multi-omics analysis results, including but not limited to tissue, genetic (DNA), transcriptomic (mRNA), and patient meta data 
  • Observe a biomarker’s activity within and across all samples
  • Quickly identify the most descriptive features for patient stratification
  • Confirm computer-generated cut-off points with actual outcome data
  • Investigate outlier behaviors by toggling between confusion matrix and specific cases with a click    

Project Tracking and Management

  • Examine digital slides and project meta data
  • Check project progress
  • Access reports
  • Share project data among stakeholders around the globe

Secure and Scalable

Insights Portal is compliant with strict security and data standards for secure storage and access. The platform is built for scalability, so you can manage large-scale projects as well compare data from several projects over time. 

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