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Advances in immuno-oncology (IO) therapies show incredible promise, but variable tissue testing methods, combined with a shortage of tissue samples during early-stage clinical studies, present a major obstacle in realizing the full potential of IO therapies. The Definiens IO-Panel overcomes these problems by offering a standardized assay to profile the immune microenvironment of the tumor.

By eliminating the variables associated with multiple testing kits, the IO-Panel accelerates imaging studies across tissue samples. This service offering combines a validated multiplex immunohistochemistry (IHC) assay with an optimized image and data analysis protocol. Using Definiens Tissue Phenomics®-based approach, the IO-Panel measures expression of seven well-characterized biomarkers to efficiently categorize immune status of tumor samples. High-level results provide a quick and conclusive understanding of the tumor immune status, supported by multiple layers of comprehensive analysis.

With the IO-Panel, you can:

  • Start profiling multiple markers with no upfront investment in assay development, because we’ve already done the heavy lifting

  • Verify your hypothesis with confidence; the experience, training, and knowledge of Definiens' interdisciplinary team is at your disposal to consult on specific cases or the complete study

  • Adopt a standardized biomarker assay to enable long-term studies and comparisons across future datasets


The Definiens IO-Panel provides a path to compare current and future clinical studies across your drug development portfolio.

A Starting Point for Patient Stratification

The Definiens IO-Panel provides an ideal starting point for improving patient stratification across multiple drug pipelines. The IO-Panel assay allows you to start using a standard approach during the research phase, and enables you to compare results across studies as you continue your program.

Standardized Immune Categories

To enable rapid patient stratification, the IO-Panel uses the expression signature of seven validated biomarkers to group patients into one of six categories of immune activation. The targets of the IO-Panel, CD3, CD8, PD-L1, FOXP3, CD68, PD1, and Granzyme B, have been heavily validated in the literature to describe the immune status of patient samples. 

Cell Quantification

The IO Panel's multiplex approach provides for true spatial resolution across tissue samples. The example to the left shows a section stained with CD3, CD68, and PD-L1. This assay enables quantification of PD-L1 expression on tumor cells, T-cells, and macrophages. The analyzed image, shown on the right, classifies single and double marker-positive cells.

Multi-omics Analysis

Get more insights by combining a patient’s tissue with their clinical and genomic data. Easily add NGS or gene expression data to the IO-Panel results to get a more comprehensive view of the patient’s immune status. Add study outcome data to stratify patient responses to a specific treatment.

Customizable Solution

Biomarkers can be easily added or excluded from the standard IO-Panel for your specific hypothesis, ensuring that your tissue-based assay is optimized for your study.

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