Scientific Talks

Creating Value With Big Data*

Bob Silverman
Operational Partner, Gilde Healthcare

The promise for using big data in the healthcare field is enormous. Our ability to capture tissue behavior, biomarker, genetic and genomic, information is extraordinary. At the same time the volume of medical data we collect is staggering where we now talk about quantity in terms of “yottabytes (1024 bytes). And, the rate at which we are collecting it is growing exponentially; we expect the amount of data to double every 73 days by 2020. While scientific capabilities have rapidly evolved, we remain challenged to connect all of these patient specific data points and leverage them into the world of precision medicine where we are just scratching the surface.

What are the applications for big data in healthcare? Who is driving this space today and who will drive it in the future? Where is value being created financially and clinically, and what challenges do we face? These and more topics will be addressed in a market centric overview of the world of big data.