Scientific Talks

The Medical Value of Digital Pathology

Dr. Ralf Huss
Chief Medical Officer Definiens AG, Munich

Surgical pathology is still largely conducted manually while the complexity in clinical diagnostics grows almost exponentially. Clinicians increasingly challenge the pathologist to reasonably stratify each particular patient according to the patient’s individual cancer biology. Although new molecular technologies provide additional data based on the tumor’s genotype and other -omics tools, only the sustained integrity of the tumor and the surrounding tissue provides pivotal information on the tumor heterogeneity and the potential co-localization of highly proliferative areas and areas with chemo-sensitivity or resistance, which might have a significant influence on the treatment response and disease outcome. The quantitative, simultaneous and unbiased analysis of all extractable (biomarker) data from a single tumor by Digital Pathology is an essential requirement for effective clinical decision support that can be provided as the highest possible medical value of the diagnostic community for the benefit of the patients’ health.