Our Insights redefine biomarker programs

Leverage your biomarker data seamlessly from early research into next generation clinical diagnostics.

Develop impactful and robust biomarkers from early research through late clinical

Harmonize & apply trial data beyond single trials

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Insights Services

Modular or customized Biomarker Profiling and Data-Mining interpreted by a unique team of scientists, biostatisticians, clinicians & pathologists 

- Identify predictive signatures & develop responder / non-responder hypothesis
- Increase probability of successful pipeline projects
- Expedite a validated predictive signature from clinical trial assays through CDx
- Bring second generation AI (Artificial Intelligence)-enhanced image analysis solutions into your programs


Expert support for your biomarker strategy, clinical trial design and CDx market access.

- Identify & qualify the right laboratory & IVD partner for tissue based assays
- Include regulatory compliant services along the way from inception through roll-out
- Setup a robust biomarker program & lab-assay strategy

The web-based Definiens Insights Portal enhances collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, secure data-access and -governance.

- Easily exchange biomarker and pathology image-data with CROs, laboratories, trial sites and Definiens experts
- Reduce time to Biological Insights through worldwide access of all project relevant data in real time
- Apply data governance across trials and use a central data repository that complies with strict security & data-safety standards
- Generate automatic audit trails and be certain of early compliance when moving into pivotal admission trials

Regulatory Services

Definiens regulatory expertise addresses changing regulatory requirements

- Definiens regulatory consulting experts support your program towards your desired endpoint (i.g. GcP-compliant CTA with IDE; Single-site PMA or IVD)
- Modular pre-developed components are designed for fast transition from component verification through full analytical system validation
- Definiens customized digital image analysis solutions can be developed under design control to your needs
- The “Definiens Insights”-portal offers robust audit trails at your demand

Speed up and align your IO-stratification abilities across your pipeline with the Definiens IO-Panel

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Definiens' IO-Panel speeds up and aligns your IO-stratification abilities across your pipeline

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