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Nature selects mostly for phenotype, not genotype. So why limit the development of many cancer treatments to insights from the genome? A cancer-relevant phenotype plays out at the tissue level, where cancer biology shapes the individual architecture of a tumor and its microenvironment. The Tissue Phenome is the manifestation of all possible interacting influences and, unlike the genome, it contains information about all epigenetic and post-translational modifications above and beyond genes as well as environmental influences. This information is reflected in spatially resolved biomarker expression levels and structural morphology, visualized by histopathology and captured and quantified with Tissue Phenomics methods.

With Definiens, pursue a true big data approach to exploit the wealth of information contained in a histological specimen. Definiens’ proprietary technology quantifies morphology and expression patterns in the entire tumor tissue and environment with unprecedented accuracy and in deep detail to better understand disease biology.

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Expand your view with tissue-level information that reveals disease mechanisms, clarifies variability in disease progression or therapy response, and highlights novel drug targets.

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Translate new insights into informative biomarker panels, impactful immunotherapies and innovations that advance the fight against cancer.

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Leverage correlations to multi-omics data and patient outcomes to construct signatures with predictive or prognostic value that determine the best treatment for cancer patients.



Take your contribution in the fight against cancer to a new level. Gain a new perspective with Tissue Phenomics.

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Tissue Phenomics in action

Bridging genome, phenotype and disease outcome in tissue signatures

​Bridging genome, phenotype and disease outcome in tissue signatures

Tissue Phenomics is a novel approach to quantitative histopathology that merges big data strategies with knowledge-driven methods. Quantitative image analysis powered by Definiens Cognition Network Technology®, generates mathematical descriptions of morphological and expression patterns in tissues — or phenes. This rich, contextual readout is then correlated with patient outcome, disease progression, demographics or other data. The result is a set of highly precise tissue signatures that can be iteratively fine-tuned to maximize their predictive and prognostic power.

What is Definiens Cognition Network Technology?

Approximating the human mind

​Approximating the human mind​

Definiens Cognition Network Technology is proprietary image analysis technology invented by Nobel Laureate, Kavli Laureate and Definiens founder, Dr. Gerd Binnig. He developed Definiens Cognition Network Technology to automate image analysis with methods approximating the unique ability of the human mind to make sense of objects, patterns and context. Thus, this pioneering technology goes beyond recognizing individual pixels in an image; it also uses colors, textures, sizes and object relationships to categorize pixel groups as unique objects in a recognized hierarchy. The result is robust, accurate and consistent identification of structures and features of interest in tissue images, regardless of the inherent heterogeneity of stained tissue samples. When combined with data mining, Definiens Cognition Network Technology enables the discovery of novel structures and features in tissue slides that are meaningful for scientific progress, medical diagnoses and patient treatments.


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